.. who told me that God looks like a Dutchman ..

In the early days, when clocks were the best things science could produce, they said the universe was a big clock. But now they have invented computers, they think the universe is a computer. I once met a Bushman who told me that God looks like a Dutchman (Katz, 1982), and I thought this was a much more intelligent idea.

🙂 Was soll ich noch sagen 🙂 Ach ja, die Quelle: ‚A STONE-AGE ANTHROPOLOGIST LOOKS AT ‘TUCSON III’‘,  Tjiniman Murinbata and Charles Whitehead, Journal of Consciousness Studies, 5, No. 4, 1998, pp. 504–7


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    Das freut einen Holländer natürlich 🙂 . Aber denk dran: God sieht auf allen Bildern sehr alt aus 😉

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    Ich habe gerade das Original-Zitat bekommen:
    > According to one Bushman reported by Richard Katz in „Boiling Energy“
    > God wears big boots and a hat and bushy beard, rides a horse and carries
    > a gun – clearly based on their view of a Dutch rancher. Just as the
    > medieval European image of God was based on a king.

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