Struggle for Energy – RISK Conference 2008

Struggle for Energy

Das Thema dieser Konferenz hat es in sich. Ich bin gespannt, was mir am Donnerstag erwartet. Zitat:

According to the IEA, given that the current economical growth will continue, the demand for fossil fuels will increase by more than 50% between now and 2030. [..] Certain theories report that oil production will reach its peak within 20 years[..]. Considering that the current supply of energy is only barely sufficient to meet the current demand, a relatively small incident,[..] could seriously affect the worldwide supplies and price of energy. It is only just over a year ago when, in January 2007, we paid 50 dollars per barrel of oil. Now, prices have doubled, hitting 100 dollars a barrel on January the 2nd 2008, an all-time record. In the latest World Energy Outlook from the IEA, a world wide energy crisis before 2015 is described as a serious and ever more likely threat to society. The transition to new sources of energy is more urgent than ever before; clean, sustainable sources which are accessible for everyone. The use of bio-fuels and renewable alternatives such as wind and solar power will grow rapidly, but they have such a small base of use they will not replace significant quantities of fossil fuels anytime soon, nor diminish the competition between countries to secure supplies. As for now, the world is struggling for energy…

Na dann..

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