Kichern um Swain

Michael Swains ‚Spalte‘ in Dr. Dobbs hat die Wände unseres kleinsten Zimmerchens zum wackeln gebracht. (Nein, weil ich lachen musste.)

Me On Technology

The kids at Google [..] quickly wrote Chrome and released it to the wild.

[..] Chrome may be a little spartan, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. Type „about:crash“ in the omnibox (addressbar to you old-timers) and Chrome will obediently crash. Does Vista have anything like that? Okay, but in Chrome, the crash is deliberate.


Me On Healthcare

[..] A study cited at Ars Technica finds that „heavy mental effort leads to much bigger meals.“ My bulging belly is just evidence of how hard I’ve been thinking.

Michael Swaine war derjenige, der mich zu Ruby verholfen hat.

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