Briten werden Blackouts erleben, wenn Kohlekraftwerke geschlossen werden.

Times Online schreibt über die Konsequenzen einer EU-direktive:

A TENTH of the UK’s power plants could be forced to close by the spring of 2013 – two-and-a-half years ahead of schedule, new research shows.

The revelation will stoke fresh concern that the government has not done enough to head off a looming energy generation gap that could lead to blackouts across the country.

Under an EU directive, companies operating old coal and oil-fired plants were given the option to spend hundreds of millions of pounds to upgrade them to comply with tougher pollution standards.

Those that “opted out” of the programme – nine plants representing about 15% of UK power supply – were given 20,000 hours to operate, starting from January last year through to the end of 2015. Based on research from the energy-consultancy group Utilyx, several of these plants have been running at historically high rates that would put them out of commission much sooner than originally thought.

The coal-fired plants at Kingsnorth in Kent, owned by Eon, Scottish Power’s Cockenzie plant, RWE-owned Npower’s stations at Tilbury and Didcot, and Scottish & Southern’s Ferrybridge plant will all be decommissioned by the spring of 2013 if current patterns continue.

Na warte: E.On? RWE? Noch intensiver verwenden als vorher? Ich wette, dass auch hier auf den Ausstieg aus der Ausstieg gewettet wird. Wenn die Alternativen nur schlimm genug sind, scheren auch Regierungen sich nicht um die Gesetze.

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