Aspect ETRM White Paper online

Zehn Sachen, die man sich bedenken soll, wenn man ein ETRM-System käuft.

aspect_tenthings.pdf (application/pdf-Objekt).

Mein Kommentar bei LinkedIn:

A couple of issues are missing. The most important one is hidden in ’scalability‘. In the paper scalability is described as the possibility to add modules. I would like to switch here to ‚adaptiveness‘, with one very important aspect of adaptiveness being the integration of unforeseen changes. Is the system able to cope with disruptions, like the introduction of emissions trading, the euro, ias 39 hedge accounting, new Basel requirements?

Maintenance on the whole is an important aspect: the business is continually changing. We already had adaptiveness, one more aspect is, whether adaption comes at the right time. Am I able to decide that something will be added now? Eventually I want to be able to implement the change myself.. And after the question: ‚is change possible at the moment that it is important to me‘ comes the question ‚at what price?‘.

Of course the question ‚how long will the provider stay in business‘ is an important questiontoo. I would guess that the impact of a provider going out of usiness, though always unpleasant, is more severe with an SaaS solution.

As you mention UtiliPoint in your paper, I’d like to point to the UtiliPoint Book ‚Selecting and Implementing Energy Trading, Transaction and Risk Management Software‘. I think people should not only read your white paper but this UtiliPoint book too.

And from that one comes the question: is the provider about my size? Am I important enough for this provider and is he/she big enough for me? And be sure that there is a tension between this one and the ‚going out of business‘ question 😦

Johan Steunenberg

Ich habe das Buch auch auf rezensiert.

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