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The Economist fazzelt über VaR und Risikomanagement

A special report on financial risk: The gods strike back | The Economist. (Leider nur für Abonnenten.) The economist hat diese Woche einen Sonderbericht zu finanziellen Risiken. Nach einige Absätze gibt es hier das dramatisch dämliche Zitat: „[..]and JPMorgan, which developed “value-at-risk” (VAR), a way for banks to calculate how much they could expect to […]

Energy and climate change: Questioning the invisible hand | The Economist

Energy and climate change: Questioning the invisible hand | The Economist Away from the spotlight, though, another industry is facing its own crisis of confidence in laissez-faire liberalism. Climate change, a looming shortage of electricity and worries about the risks of relying on imported energy are causing many to doubt whether Britain’s vaunted liberalised energy […]

Der zögerliche Negawatt

The Economist hat ein Artikel zum Thema ‚Energieefizienz: Wenn es Geld bringt, warum machen es nicht alle?‘ Es sind 3 Seiten anstatt 200 Seiten ‚Mind the Gap‘, und breiter. Energy efficiency | The elusive negawatt | Economist.com If energy conservation both saves money and is good for the planet, why don’t people do more of […]

Black Swan 4

‘The Black Swan‘ wird zum Standard. In ‚The Economist‘ stand diese Woche eine Buchbesprechung, die endete mit ‚This book does not touch on what Nicholas Nassim Taleb calls ‚Black Swans‘: rare events that are unpredictable with or without crunching numbers. But it presents a convincing and disturbing vision of a future in which everyday decision […]