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Zahlen, zahlen, wir brauchen Zahlen

Jörg Haas liefert einige: Klima der Gerechtigkeit » Blog Archive » Mythos Atomkraf Distributed renewables alone got $56 billion of private risk capital. Nuclear, as usual, got nothing: it’s only bought by central planners. The world now has more wind capacity than the United States has nuclear capacity. In addition, the United States in 2007 […]

E.ON says public „misinformed“

Aufschlussreicher Artikel auf energyforum: E.ON says public „misinformed“ Zitat: [Wulf ]Bernotat referred to public opinions polls which revealed that 96 per cent of those asked were in favour of solar power, 47 per cent for wind, 24 for nuclear and 7 per cent for coal. „This is the opposite of what we actually need,“ he […]