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Aspect ETRM White Paper online

Zehn Sachen, die man sich bedenken soll, wenn man ein ETRM-System käuft. aspect_tenthings.pdf (application/pdf-Objekt). Mein Kommentar bei LinkedIn: A couple of issues are missing. The most important one is hidden in ’scalability‘. In the paper scalability is described as the possibility to add modules. I would like to switch here to ‚adaptiveness‘, with one very […]

Allegro Leapfrogs the Competition with Embedded Exchange Functionality (ETRM Software Community – ETRM Blog)

ETRM Software Community – ETRM Blog » Allegro Leapfrogs the Competition with Imbedded Exchange Functionality Ich finde Allegro immer interessanter werden. Weiß jemand, ob sie schon in Deutschland aktiv sind?